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HB…Don’t get mad, Vote!

Some of the Red States, Texas, Iowa, Georgia, and Florida, have been busy passing voting rules changes. It would seem that making voting harder would be an act of treason as we tout the right to cast a ballot, the cornerstone of a free society. But if too many of the wrong people vote in large numbers and if the coalitions of discontent unsuccessfully challenge election results, we can expect the voting rules to change.

Welcome to America again. The vote of Black people has always been the object of relentless attack. While others spend time innovating and creating, Black people must spend large swaths of their time fighting the police, fighting the courts, fighting the financial system, fighting against antiquated legislation, and fighting against voter suppression.

I don’t mean to sound cynical, but voter suppression is not likely to end. It is too deeply rooted in the American DNA. To this, I say to my fellow Black Americans, stay on the battlefield and fight against the restrictive voting policies. Additionally, vote by any means necessary. The purpose of many of these voting changes is to reduce the number of ballots from more impoverished communities. Know this; we must beat the bully at his own game. Make sure that your registration is in order. Make sure you have proper government identification. Make sure that you do not depend on historical events like Souls to the Polls for motivation. These regulations all but eliminate these voter’s encouragement events.

Sometimes we have to beat the enemy at his own game. Learn the rules in your state and make sure that you know when and how to vote correctly. It is our responsibility. Don’t get mad, vote!

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